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Power Supply

AC 380V/50ZH

Power Consumption

2.2kw + 3kw = 5.2kw


Area: Φ7 meters


2 tons

Local Condition(Indoor)

12 people (6 cockpit x2 people) Note: each cabin load ≤ 100kg, 1 adult +1 children more appropriate Equipment height: 3.68 meters -4 meters

12 people hot air balloon RQQ12016 amusement machine, is a children's play equipment, hot air balloon as the theme, it has six cockpit, each cockpit can take 2 individuals (1 adult 1 children), cockpit in the rotation process can Outside the swing, in the course of the entire rotation of the bracket to raise the height of 400mm per minute in the process of increasing the overall stand gradually tilted, the final tilt 12 ° so inclined to rotate the cockpit passengers have wave tumbling, flirtatious feeling, by the customer welcome , Especially for children to play. This product is suitable for playgrounds, parks, shopping malls, children's centers and other places.

12 people hot air balloon base is very simple, a horizontal concrete, thickness 150mm. The ground is allowed to inflate the screws or embedding bolts.

Outdoor installation requires this equipment, it is recommended to cover simple tent. Because such a good maintenance equipment and passengers have fun.

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